Day One

Registration and check-in
Opening remarks from the Chair

Bruce Piper
Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Travel Daily

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Trends transforming the travel and tourism industry: an Australian perspective
  • Australian travel market state of play
  • What are the new trends emerging across all sectors of travel?
  • Why is the Australian market set to grow and prosper?

Jayson Westbury
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Federation of Travel Agents

Fireside chat: Are travel companies doing enough to stay relevant?

This decade has been witness to major disruptions in the travel and transportation industries. Come and hear how these two innovative brands are remaining relevant and profitable in an era of change.

Atle Skalleberg
Chief Digital Officer
Flight Centre

Stewart Jones
Regional Director - Strategic Partnerships APAC

Power panel: Exploring uncharted territory - Which emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on the way we travel in the future?

Technological advances have changed the way we travel, and new developments promise even more interactive and exciting experiences.  In this panel we'll take a look at some of the technological advances currently leaving their mark on the industry and that will bring significant change to the sector. Hear what's in store for travel in the not-too-distant future, and how to prepare for it.


Richard Crawford
Senior Director - Development, ANZ/Pacific
Marriott International Australia

Simon Dodd
General Manager-Australia and New Zealand
American Airlines

Daniel Finch
Managing Director
Wotif Group

Monty Doshi
Director of Technology and Architecture

Sebastien Gibergues
Vice President, Online Travel Asia Pacific


Networking break in solutions lounge
Understanding the modern travellers mindset and the use of digital

Knowing who you're communicating with, where they are and the opportunities that apply to them at that specific point in time.

  • Meeting the expectations of an increasingly digitally dependent traveler
  • How can technology help you deliver a customised experience?
  • From digital disruption to human connection
  • Is there a need to go non digital?

Scott Barber
Managing Director - Australia & New Zealand

The three steps to successful travel marketing and how technology plays a role in each

Cruise is booming in Australasia, growing at 20% per annum for the past 10 years, with more than 1 million Australians taking a cruise last year.  How and why did that happen?  Australians need to be inspired, educated and motivated to take a cruise.  In this presentation, Jennifer will walk through how technology enables Carnival to deliver all three steps relevantly and compellingly.

Jennifer Vandekreeke
Vice President - Australia
Carnival Cruise Line

Travel marketing strategies in an era of disruption
  • Discover why consumers' interaction with technology has changed.again!
  • Learn why you need to move towards platform-based engagement

James Hewlett
Head of Marketing

Mapping EQ with IQ to the traveller journey points

AI and personalisation are all gaining lots of attention in the travel technology space, but Travellers have several personalities, (leisure, business, solo or family), and their emotional and physical needs differ at various stages of the travel journey. In the eternal battle for winning and keeping the hearts of the consumer, tech needs to map IQ moments, with customers EQ need.

Mark Rizzuto

Power Panel: Exploring uncharted territory - What will the customer of tomorrow want?
  • How to create a strategy today for the customer of tomorrow
  • Reinventing travel for the post millennial generation
  • How to understand the evolving needs of consumers to stay ahead of the market


Mark Rizzuto

Rhett Holt

James Hewlett
Head of Marketing

Melissa Gruse
Senior Marketing Manager
Hamilton Island

Lunch in solutions lounge
How can technology enable a frictionless travel experience?

From the ability to book through an online booking tool, to staying connected with the office via email, to enhancing the travel experience with a mobile app and submitting electronic expense reports instead of paper ones
- technology has become fundamental. What else can be done to enable a truly frictionless experience?

Rhett Holt

Fireside chat: How is the open platform economy reshaping the future of accommodation?
  • What is driving the growth of this trend?
  • What are the opportunities and threats for traditional players?
  • Incorporating the open platform economy experience into your mix

Sam McDonagh
Country Manager ANZ

Paul Fischmann

Leading airline operations into the digital age

As the world’s largest airline, American Airlines is committed to providing an exceptional experience for customers based on industry expertise and innovation. This requires the continuous modernisation and transformation of their business by leveraging the right tools and technologies.

In this presentation, you will hear how they implemented a raft of new technologies to improve the customer experience and achieve their operational goals

  • How can airlines compete more effectively?
  • How can airlines move past the barriers and take flight on a new digital future?
  • Why connections count more than ever and how digital fuels collaboration?

Simon Dodd
General Manager-Australia and New Zealand
American Airlines

Networking break in solutions lounge
How are airport operators transforming the travel experience through smart technology?
  • Reducing non-commercial dwell-time to ensure a smooth journey through the airport
  • Creating 'magical' experiences to entertain and excite the passengers
  • Driving non-aeronautical revenue through real-time personalised offerings

Melissa Jones
Manager Aviation Product & Delivery
Sydney Airport

Power Panel - Hail Hail! Transforming the Ground transportation experience for travel

Not long ago, ground transportation was an aspect of business and leisure travel that rarely inspired excitement among travelers or investors.  With smartphones and the rise of the sharing economy the segment has experienced profound upheaval. Startups and the adoption of ride-hailing apps has soared as consumers delight in the ability to summon rides at the tap of a button.

This panel of experts will explore the impact of technology on the ground transportation experience for travelers.

Going for a Ride: Ground transportation trip dynamics

  • The ground transportation decision
  • Mobile ride-hailing: Use and views
  • Driverless cars: The future?
  • Prearranged Transportation: Shopping & booking


Rod Bishop
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Sewards
Co-CEO and Director
AATS Group of Companies - SkyBus

Mike Boyd
Managing Director & Group CEO

Matthew Carney
Head of Commercial - Parking and Ground Transport
Melbourne Airport

End of conference day one & networking drinks